Board of Directors

Erich Jelitko, born 1962 in Munich. After his school diploma he served 9 years in the German Airborne Forces at Calw, Nagold and Altenstadt. The main time he was Instructor at the German Airborne and Air Transport School in different functions. As a team member of the “Challenge” team he gets many international contacts and friendships. After his service he worked as equipment engineer at HITACHI Semiconductor Landshut. In 1999 he changed to ESG Elekroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH where in 2002 he became Technical Managing Director and Project Manager ESG for the project company SPELCO. In summer 2012 he came to ATASS taking over as Managing Director.

Rainer Kandler, born 1963 in Burglengenfeld. After his high school graduation he served 9 years in the German Air Force. After his Business Administration Degree from the “Universität der Bundeswehr München” he served as Air Force Intelligence Officer. In 1993 he changed to ESG Elekroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH becoming a sales- and contract manager for military and civil products and services. 2002 he was assigned as Commercial Managing Director and Contract Manager ESG for the project company SPELCO. Spring 2012 he came to ATASS taking over as Managing Director.


Eileen Jelitko, born 1988 in Schongau. After her junior high school diploma, she completed successful in 2011 her education for a Sport- and Fitness Trainer. Till summer 2012 she increased her skill in administrative office work at e.on Bayern AG. Her childhood was close to drop zones, because of her father’s skydiving school. Therefore she is familiar with the organisation of skydiving events.

Product Support

Harald Becker-Freyseng, ,born 1946 in Sonthofen. In 1972 he got his Mechanical Engineer Degree. During his time at university he got his first experience in product support at the company Dornier GmbH. From July 1972 to December 2010 he was employed in different positions at ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistk-GmbH, starting as system engineer later as head of department “Special Systems”.
Since January 2012 he is Head of Product Support and Quality Assurance Representative at ATASS


The airworthiness activities by ATASS are based on planned developments or modifications for a System to identify the relevant building regulations and to set what procedure the changes to the system must be checked. ATASS can ensure that your systems and devices for their intended purpose for aviation use are safe.


ATD Team Leader 3500 jumps;
Tandem, AFF, static line round and sqare, HALO - HAHO;
Instructor in all above activities;
Military jumpmaster for all above activities;
Tandem Examiner;
30 years of parachuting;
Tactical team leader;
Test jumper of the GRYPHON Wing project;
Civil fixed wing pilot.

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