ATASS Training Course MTTB

Military Tethered Bundle (MTTB) Training (Course MTTB)

Mttb This highest level of military freefall training instructs the candidates how to perform skydives while carrying a MTTB up to 350 kg cargo payload.
It is required that only after a phase of gaining experience with the system and normal bundle jumps this additional advanced course should be considered.
Minimum requirements for any candidate are 300 ram air jumps (100 jumps with heavy cargo or tandem passenger).
A minimum of 20 jumps with heavy cargo or tandem passenger thereof within the previous 6 months and a total of 5 hours freefall time.
The MTTB Course could be made as direct follow up after a successful Course Part 4 if the chief instructor decides that the candidate is able to pass the course.

The training includes:

Preparation (1 day)
Classroom instruction (4 days)
Preparation TTB
Aircraft, exit, freefall and landing Procedure
Night jump preparation and use of oxygen
Emergency training
Jump Training with small cargo 50-100 kg (2 jumps)
Jump Training with small TTB 150-200 kg (6 jumps)
Jump Training with big TTB 200-350 kg (8 jumps)
Post processing (1 day)

Duration of training:

3 weeks (6 days a week)

Number of trainees:

8 trainees

Minimum required jumps per course:

16 jumps

Equipment requirements:

Per student 1 parachute system with MTTB performance (TW11 444) with all respective sub-systems include personal cargo and weapon.
2 parachute systems and 2 Bundle container more than total number of trainees
Per Student 1 Cargo Bundle container

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